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Meetopia transforms how teams work, play, and communicate together – on the open web. Our virtual platform works on every modern device, with custom shared spaces for digital office twins, meetings, conferences, events, showcases, and more.

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Dedicated meeting rooms

Customizable branded office

Social networking

Full real-time communication

Interactive screen sharing

Enterprise-grade security

Custom avatars with emojis and gestures

Web-based with no app download

Immersive meeting environments

Elevate your workplace and stand out from the crowd with virtual meeting spaces, reimagined for enhanced collaboration.

  • Overcome Zoom meeting fatigue

  • Increase meeting engagement

  • Create the feeling of physically being together, remotely

Custom avatars

Create your own life-like 3D avatar. With thousands of customizable options, your avatar truly represents you.

  • Express your identity

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Stronger inclusivity

Your digital office space

Meet with clients and colleagues in a fully realized “digital twin” of your real-life office – or step into a whole new world.

  • Improve brand awareness

  • Express product/brand messages

  • Meet colleagues across the hallway (or across the world)

Virtual sales presentations

Be memorable with sales meetings and presentations in virtual worlds where your brand is the star.

  • Lower your travel costs

  • Increase sales and participation by clients

  • Bring clients into your brand

Easy content streaming

Easily share presentations, documents, videos, and more.

  • Embed virtually any kind of content, from videos to whole websites

  • Increase engagement in digital workshops

  • Solve hard problems in a collaborative space

Reduce costs

Streamlined communication and collaboration tools reduce travel costs, while our web-based platform means fewer IT headaches.

  • Increase sustainability

  • Financial efficiency

  • Less travel, more presence

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Meetopia is built with love on the METAVRSE Engine, the world’s most advanced 3D web engine. Join us on Meetopia and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.