The All-In-One Toolkit for Productive Meetings

Before Meetopia: You’re wondering how you’ll quickly transition your team to remote work. People are stressed, online and offline meetings are haphazard and badly managed, and it’s tough to see + manage everything. After Meetopia: Soon you’ll be feeling like ”hey, we got this”. All your meetings will be organized in one place, your team will be working together (even though they’re apart), you’ll be on top of things, and a sense of calm will set in.

One place, not all over the place.

Meetings are especially challenging when your team is spread out in different locations, everybody using different online tools and failing to communicate effectively. Things get lost in email black-holes or disappear into endless chats.

But when it's all together in Meetopia, you'll see where everything is, be sure that everyone is focused on the right topic and fully engaged in the meeting. Your team can be in the same room or spread out across the world, Meetopia brings everybody together.

Easy Collaboration

Unleash your teams creativity and run productive meetings with Meetopia's real-time collaboration tools whether online or in the same meeting room.

  • Real-time screen-sync means everybody is focussed on the same thing
  • Team members can take control of the meeting in order to enhance and extend the discussion
  • Work together in real-time using tools such as live whiteboard, shared documents and group chat

  • Ensure everybody has their say with the Raise-Hand and Questions applets.

Docs + files

Bring traditional files, cloud content, slides and web shortcuts together in one place – and work the way that works for you.

  • Meetopia keeps all your files within the context of the meetings

  • Simple drag and drop upload

  • View slide decks, spreadsheets and documents without additional software

  • Link Google Docs, OneDrive or Dropbox

Effortless scheduling

Meetopia helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails

  • Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar so you’re never double booked
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails and texts to improve no‑show rates
  • Display availability in your invitee's time zone with intelligent time zone detection
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and give everyone enough time to prepare

Meeting Analytics

Find out where all the time (and money) goes. Achieve accountability across your teams. See who spends their time in meetings and understand outcomes.

  • Show who does what across your organisation
  • Measure effectiveness based on duration, cost and attendee feedback
  • Month-to-month and year-to-year comparisons

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